Rush Orders & Changes

Rush Orders 3 weeks or Less

If you need your suit in three weeks or less Please Contact Us directly to confirm we are able to get it to you in time. There is no Extra Fee charged for rush orders. 

Order Changes

You are welcome to Contact Us with any changes and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please do it as soon as possible because purchasing products for you suit and starting to work on it will limit your choices of any changes you would like to make. If the changes do not cost us any extra money or time we will not charge you, if they do we will quote you the price in advance.

We will make every effort to deliver your suit by the scheduled date, but changes may delay your shipment date. We will not make any changes if we do not think we can get your suit to you on time, this has never happened because we bend over backwards to accommodate your needs.

Order Changes Steps

1: Contact Us with your Name & Order Number using the same email address you used with your purchase. Let us know what changes you would like to make.

2: We will let you know if we are able to make the changes, if there are any extra costs incurred and if it can be finished and delivered in time for your show.


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